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Wednesday, 10. October 2018

Langsam wirds kalt draußen...

HIER findest DU langfristig ein warmes Plätzchen

Wednesday, 10. October 2018

*Hämmer* *Bohr* *Schraub*

Krach, Staub, Dreck - wo man nur hinschaut - aber so soll es auch...

Two brothers, two managing directors

Daniel Hüllenhagen

Daniel Hüllenhagen is noted for his courage and ability to look forward and plan ahead. In 2001, the former law student decided to found his own company instead of taking the state law examination. This decision paid off: by the time he had spent just five months in the call center industry, the young entrepreneur was already handling more than 10.000 incoming and outgoing calls every month – still in his parents' home. Things simply took off from there: soon after M3 moved to the service centre in Rheydter Strasse, Mönchengladbach, the premises were already bursting at the seams. Two more sites were opened in Viersen and Dietzenbach. When the company moved again - this time to the former state central bank building on Hohenzollernstrasse (which is listed as a historic monument), no less than 400 positions were created at all 3 sites.

Meik Hüllenhagen

Meik Hüllenhagen was no less courageous when he went into business with his brother Daniel at the age of 20 and became the co-founder of M3. He focuses on sales, acquisition and management of the company as a training organisation, for all of which he shows exceptional talent. Just four years after his own training as an office manager in the field of event management, Meik Hüllenhagen was appointed to the examination committee of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Just two years later, he became vice-chairman of the dialogue marketing manager segment.